Almost Everything

Jonpaul Smith

November 15th – December 20th 2019

Artist Statement:

“I consider my process to be one of gathering and disseminating information, rooted in the paper scraps and ephemera of our consumer culture. As I create and gather this material/information I begin combining this seemingly unrelated material into an almost assemblage like form. Once one of these assemblages is created I begin another in response to the first. I try to create a conversation between the two assemblages; whether this is through imagery or solely based in aesthetic color choices. After the two assemblages exist, I hand cut them with a razorblade and straightedge into strips. These strips are kept organized and then the two separate images/collages are woven together creating the final work. A complex, tapestry-like construct, made up of hundreds of interwoven strips of discarded consumer packaging, original traditional and non-traditional prints, gouache paintings, smoke transfers and other paper ephemera. Which similarly make use of (and, in a sense, refine) pop culture imagery.”