An Alternate View


Barbara Eberhard
4/20/18 – 5/20/18

Artist Statement: The idea for this series came to me on a train ride in Canada. Looking out the window, the rain was like tears falling down the glass. I began to think about all the windows we look out of in life, and how our windows are very different from each other’s. I print my images with an alternative printing process of photography that dates back to the 1880’s. Gum Bichromate prints could be called “photographically controlled watercolors”
. Even though the image may resemble a color photograph, it is a fabrication of layers of pigment and hardened gum Arabic.  For me it is a very meditative, hands-on process, manipulating and “creating” an image, rather than simply recording it. While working laboriously on a print, layer-by-layer, day-by-day, I become intimate with the image as it ingrains upon my mind, eyes, hands and heart.  These are my windows …