Arts Place exhibits artists noted throughout the region and across the nation. Artists that have been selected to show at Arts Place represent the varied disciplines of the visual arts as well as the many voices that are echoed in the art world.

Blackford County Arts Center Exhibits

Opening Reception: March 5 | 2-4pm
Blackford High School Exhibit


Opening Reception: April 1 | 2-4pm
When Oil Meets Water- Two Muncie Artisits


Ann Johnson Artist Statement:

“Hopefully the viewer will be as exhilarated by the discovery of my story as I have been in painting these spontaneous watercolors.  For me, this medium can tell a story in so many different ways, enabling me to capture a variety of fleeting effects and ideas.  The shadow of a smile, a flash of light, unexpected bursts of color with a few strokes of the brush. For many years as F B Fogg, I made art for the world, now I paint for myself, and I hope one sees the love of a thing well done, just for you, the viewer to enjoy.”

Opening Reception: June 11 | 2-4pm
Blending Interpretations of the American Southwest
Artists: Leslie Newton, Sandy Hall, Jennifer Smith


Artist Statement:

“Since 2007, I have been working on several paintings, collages and pastels, inspired by visiting northern New Mexico for 6 weeks, with a Lilly Grant, and a return trip in 2015. I have always had an interest in western landscapes and Native American life.”

-Leslie Newton

Opening Reception: July 28 | 6-8pm
Summerfest Juried Art Show


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Past Exhibits

Opening Reception: April 16 | 2-4pm
The Art of Imagination


The exhibit will feature a collection of work by Disney and Warner Bros.

Indiana Wildlife Artists, Central Chapter
Opening Reception: June 26 | 2-4pm

Photo Credit: Roseanne Crowell “Spring Prince” Medium: Soft Pastel

Price:           $195

SummerFest Juried Art Show
Opening Reception: July 29 | 6-8pm

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Paula Dalton
Opening Reception: Sunday, May 15 | 2-4pm

Paula Dalton was born in May, 1963 in Chicago, IL. Her father was a professional photographer and Technical Sales Representative for Eastman Kodak. Her mother is a fiber artisan as was her maternal grandmother. Early access to her father’s technical photographic journals and the colorful, patterned fabrics and notions in her mother’s sewing room encouraged her interest in mathematics, form, pattern and color.