Arts Place Capital Campaign

What started as a humble foreign film series has grown into a thriving arts community.

For half a century Arts Place has been dedicated to the belief that everyone deserves access to the arts—and each of us has the potential for artistic expression.

We work toward this mission by providing much-needed arts education for kids, adults, and seniors. We celebrate creativity together during Arts in the Parks. We bring in world-renowned performers. We’ve expanded our reach throughout the region with three distinct centers. And we offer scholarships to ensure our programs are open to all.

An investment in the campaign is a lasting legacy for our community.

Now, in true rural American fashion, we must come together to preserve and grow the birthplace and cornerstone of Arts Place, our beloved Portland Center. We are seeking to raise $2.4 million with our new capital campaign.

This will allow us to expand the building to accommodate the growth of our programs and offerings. We will be creating a new public art piece to celebrate our community. We will be paying off our mortgage and addressing critical structural issues, so we can secure the future of this rare gem: The Portland Center.

Can we count on your support?

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An investment in this campaign is an investment in our collective future. Here are just a few examples of how this rare gem has a profound impact on our community.

Human Potential
Violin lessons. Theatre productions. Ceramics classes. These are opportunities that expand minds and teach new skills. They impact and inspire us all. It’s the chance to be the star for a kid who might not be into sports. It’s the passionate creative outlet for a factory worker who didn’t discover their dream until later.

Economic Development
By offering unparalleled arts experiences and education for a town of our size, Arts Place is playing its part to make Jay County an attractive place to live, work, relocate a business, or visit.

Civic Pride
Jay County is a very proud community. We support one another and take pleasure in our collective successes. For 50 years, Arts Place has brought neighbors together, put smiles on the faces of our children and friends, and provided countless experiences that have made our community proud and truly unique.