The Portland Center of Arts Place has volunteered to host a community art project entitled “Flying in Place, An Artist’s Response to Covid-19.” The project was began by Mississinawa  Valley art teacher Ashley Austerman in conjunction with visiting artist Kate Gorman. The idea is to promote unity and hope in our communities with a testament of our perseverance during this difficult time. Using a square sheet of paper, create a drawing. The drawing can be anything you like. On the reverse-side, tell your story, or write a poem, or create a list about your experience with COVID-19. Afterwards, fold the piece of paper into a paper crane.


Free kits to create your paper crane can be collected at Arts Place beginning June 15th. Completed paper cranes should be delivered to the Portland center of Arts Place before August 15th. The exhibit will be displayed from September 4th to October 4th. Cranes that are not collected after October 4th will become the property of Arts Place.


For more information, contact Arts Place at 260-726-4809.