Forms and Figures


Ed Smith
9/1/17 – 10/1/17

Artist Statement:

I have only memories of what I wanted…. These forms are physical manifestations of beliefs and ideals of virtue.

Nothing was foretold or prefigured….How I wish there had been an omen, something. Looking back I don’t remember any. It would have been easier had there been. As someone raised and formed by heroic tales it would seem essential. Maybe the absence of such an omen forced the creation of the work….

How much better to have had the Hellenistic “Great Poet”, or a Callisthenes, instead of having to do it? I’m no authority – not even on myself. But I know what I want to hear….This is what develops when a young man is immersed in myths, heroic tales and hope. Should the times have been different a warrior might have emerged, a leader, a visionary….The best and only route left was that of the Artist.