I am, We are.

Pamela Deaton
2/9/18 – 3/11/18

Artist Statement:
My work has always been heavily influenced by nature and the human figure. I have an affinity for the art of primitive cultures. Their imagery is powerful and full of spiritual meaning which is what I strive for in the sculpture I create.  I feel very strongly that everything is connected and that we are all one. On a biological level (animal, vegetable, mineral) we are all made up of the same substance.  We all come into existence in some form and we all die, wither, or break down and return to the dust of the earth. I believe that we are connected spiritually and mentally as well as physically.  I address these connections through my work focusing on birth and death, our journeys through life, and our future generations that will inherit the resonance of our passing through.

The We dreamed series is a spiritual representation of all of us.  It stands for our existence together moving through this time and place. Creating our destiny and manifesting the destiny of our future generations.  It stands for the hopes and dreams that flowed into the creation of us from the beginning and what we are doing to those dreams with the passing of time.  It stands for where they wish we were and where we really are on this journey.

The paper clay material that I use has an earthy look and feel to it, linking my figures to the natural environment.  The material is reminiscent of a stone surface or an insect nest.  The support structure of each figure is made up of tree branches and wire armature. The surface of the paper clay is imbedded with ceramic elements and found natural objects. Tiny buildings, pathways, tombs, and caves also populate the visual landscape of each figure rendering the body as a symbol for the earth’s surface.  In this manner I try to bond nature with figurative imagery as our ancestors did in the hope of awakening a primordial connection in my viewer.