I Paint What I See

Phil Wood

Exhibit Dates: 4/5/19 – 5/18/19

Reception: April 12, 6:00 -8:00 p.m.

In talking about the title of his show, Wood says this:

When I was about eleven years old I went with my family to visit a friend who lived in Royal Oak Michigan. She was an antique dealer named Gloria. She was also an artist. She painted many different subjects in oil. While we stayed in her quaint suburban home for that week in the summer of 1975 Gloria showed me her artwork and explained a few things about painting that left a life-long impression on me.

One painting in particular I saw was of a crystal ball with playing cards and some tea leaves. I remembered it differently many years later thinking it had a bouquet of roses and the crystal ball was on the opposite side of the table. It’s funny how we remember things that were not actually there.  It was a turning point in my artistic adventure although I did not know it at the time. After looking at the painting for some time I asked her how she made the crystal ball look like glass that could be seen through. She simply said, ” I paint what I see.” She explained that she looked for shapes and colors rather than the actual object and tried to paint them in relationship to each other. After some time it began to make sense to me.

As I began to paint seriously after high school I often thought of what she told me. Today when I teach painting classes or talk shop with other artists I am happy to share with them the things I have learned over the years and always encourage them to ” Paint what they see.”