Scott Anderson
10/6/17 – 11/6/17

Artist Statement:

The works completed for the exhibition Inhale / Exhale are a continuation of a 30 year exploration and critique of human systems and ideologies. This has been the main thematic idea in my work, that I call dyscrasia. The word dyscrasia means an abnormality of the body or bad mixtures. I use the word to summarize my reactions to the imbalance that I see in the social body, both in historical and contemporary society. My work is an ongoing examination about systems, our need for them and our constant problem of outgrowing them. The paintings and drawings focus on comparing cultural constructions such as religion, gender, science, and history to represent systems in conflict. My goal is to engage the viewer on how to rebuild, revise and amend the various elements in our social structures. Serial works along with two large structures that can display numerous works. One structure is convex and relates to the concept of Inhale and one structure is concave and represents exhale.

Inhale is the natural bodily function that energizes the body. It occurs thousands of times daily, even while sleeping and is so automatic we almost never consider it. The Inhale images are more proactive and represent ego driven compulsions. Inhale images represent headfirst motion and are more aligned with ideological stances and arguments. The structure intentionally pushes the images into the viewer’s space with a convex curve. Seen from one side the images on the far side become invisible and is a metaphor for the blindness of certain dogmatic stances.

The Exhale structure is a concave mirror image to the Inhale structure and recedes. Exhale is release, and is tied directly to the human sigh as an expression of relief. InExhale the paintings and drawings are intended to be more reflective, resigned and less combative. The various images in exhale curve around the viewer and offer a constant visual accessibility that is denied in Inhale.

Inhale and exhale is also a reference to that deep breath and realignment that is an essential part of a special leave.

I would like to thank all the colleagues that I have worked with in the School of Art for their support over the last 22 years. Thanks to all the students that have kept me on my toes and pushed me to be a better instructor. A special thanks to Dave Hahn for helping me construct the Inhale /Exhale structures. Special thanks to my wife Kimberly for her unwavering support.