“Fool’s Errand”

July 23 – August 22 2021

My current work earnestly and humorously reflects on the emotional and physical aspects of the
human condition and its twisted ironies. I combine an array of printmaking processes, both traditional
and non-traditional, with drawing techniques to create print and mixed media hybrids that are inspired
by personal experiences and everyday interactions. My artistic practice is driven by a love for the
physical act of drawing, and a desire to discover content through the process of making. Although my
work is most often rooted in printmaking and drawing, I strive to push the boundaries of traditional
media while maintaining an emphasis on the validity of the very human impulse to create images. The
images and objects I create are born of a fascination with the most “unmentionable” yet ubiquitous
human experiences and the absurdity of traditional gender expectations. I consider my recent works as
introspective self-portraits that aim to shed light on the untold internal monologues with which we are
so often preoccupied.

My work has long been influenced by a wide range of art, music, TV, movies, etcetera emerging from
the 1920s to 1960s, despite being born in the late 80s. I grew up watching cartoons from Fleishcer
Studios including Betty Boop, Bimbo, Felix the Cat, Popeye and others. I also draw inspiration from
a range of blues and jazz artists from the 1920s to 40s like Lil’ Johnson and Cats and the Fiddle, who
produced songs with titles such as Hot Nuts and Sam, the Hot Dog Man. These influences play an
important role in my work which has been described as evocative of “the atomic and plastics age of
the mid-century.” (Michaela Mullin, Moberg Gallery.)
Through an earnest, rather than ironic, use of the vernacular my work acts as a humorous unifier,
and stresses the importance of inclusion and personal expression in a world where so many feel
voiceless. I possess a keen desire to connect with human beings of all kinds, and a distinct affinity for
the absurd and scatological that manifests as self-directed satire and invites the viewer to relate. The
imagery is fueled by humor and spontaneity and is filled with an inventiveness and ambiguity of subject
that ranges from cheekily adolescent to darkly absurd. Through my work I aim to create sensorial
and emotionally peculiar experiences that mimic the humorous lens through which I look at life and
underscore the power of empathy.

Current Work: https://www.jolynnreigeluth.com/prints-and-drawings