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What is MusicWorks?

MusicWorks is a comprehensive program of music instruction for all ages. Students learn to read music, proper playing techniques, and the fundamentals of music theory. Our experienced teaching artists share their passion and enthusiasm for music with nearly 200 students yearly.

Why Individual Lessons?

For younger students, MusicWorks provides a solid music education foundation. For middle school and older students it leads toward the mastery of an instrument and exposure to standard repertoire written for their particular instrument.

Why Join an Ensemble?

Ensemble students learn to perform in small groups, a skill quite different from playing in large ensembles. These groups require the student to play their part independently of the others in the ensemble, a skill necessary for all musicians. Ensembles also give students more performance opportunities and expose them to repertoire written specifically for their instrument. Small ensembles are not typical within the context of public education.

Please note – Ensembles are only available at the Portland center

What is First Steps in Music?

First Steps in Music is a music class based on John Feierabend’s curriculum, First Steps in Music.
Feierabend is a devoted childhood educator who blends movement and musicianship to help young children develop their brains and their musical ability.

This 6 week class is designed for the child and parent together. Grandparents are welcome too! Classes will be offered for children ages 10 months through 5 years old.

Where are lessons offered?

MusicWorks lessons are offered at the Blackford County Arts Center and the Portland Center.

How do I register?

Registration forms are available online BY CLICKING HERE, by mail, or at Arts Place, Portland Center and Arts Place, Blackford County Arts Center.

What does it cost?

The fee schedule is located in the brochure. We have two payment options: Monthly payments or you can save $50 with a one-time payment.

Can I enroll anytime?

Yes! We encourage students to take the full 33 weeks of lessons however, we understand if you are not able to.

Who is eligible for MusicWorks lessons?

Anyone! MusicWorks lessons are for adults and children.

Who is eligible for MusicWorks ensembles?

Any experienced players.