Arts Place exhibits artists noted throughout the region and across the nation. Artists that have been selected to show at Arts Place represent the varied disciplines of the visual arts as well as the many voices that are echoed in the art world.

If interested in being considered in an upcoming exhibition at Arts Place, contact Kimberly Anderson, Visual Arts Director, at kanderson@artsland.org or call Arts Place Portland Center at 260-726-4809 or Toll-Free 866-539-9911

Inquire in the fall about the Regional Student Art Exhibit that will be displayed in the spring at the Portland Center.

Portland Center Exhibits

1/06/17 – 2/5/17
Jeff Dallas
Shifting Perspectives

Artist Statement:

“Making art is an expression of who I am and an exploration of how I perceive the world. Growing up in the Northwood’s of Wisconsin instilled in me a sense of awe for the natural world. In my later teens, I began to study meditation, which made me interested in the actual process of how I see the world. As a painter, I try to capture the momentary experience of moving through the landscape. My paintings show multiple viewpoints simultaneously, giving the viewer an overall impression of a place. I work on site initially and finish my paintings in the studio with the aid of photos, my imagination and memory. For me, painting is about my curiosity and delight in both the landscape and the process by which I experience it.”

2/10/17 – 03/12/17
Ball State University Print Making
Student and Mentor Exhibit

Ball State offers courses of study in four kinds of printmaking: intaglio, lithography, relief, and serigraphy. Courses in these techniques of printmaking present a basic understanding of the media as well as methods to take advantage of the versatility of the processes. Students are expected to go beyond mere technical proficiency and must use the processes effectively to express innovative and personal ideas.

03/17/17 – 04/14/17
Regional Student Art Exhibit
Art is a Poem Without Words

Opening Reception is 3/17/17  from 4-6pm

The Regional Student Art Exhibit is an annual gallery show of local student artists attending local area schools.

4/21/17 – 5/28/17
Hector René Del Campo

Artist Statement:

“Being a first generation Cuban-American, I use cultural color fields, as well as the aesthetics of street art to explore how one’s upbringing is directly influenced by ethnic heritage. By exploring the dualities between heritage and environment, the abstract chaos of my foundation layers builds an intense tactile landscape while my geometric qualities are a direct relation of the concrete jungle around me.
This work explores how we may be able to accurately record and express our experiences through memories. I commonly juxtapose the stenciling of parallelograms creating spacial, three-dimensional and atmospheric spaces. Throughout the development of my work, the clarity of my forms in connection with the dense, tactile layers of bleeding physically controlled but visually chaotic drippings creates such a vivid duality rich of action and construction.”

6/02/17 – 7/07/17
Mona Gazala
Past and Presentiment

Artist Statement:

I am an American-born artist of Palestinian descent. My artwork is informed by a heritage rooted in places of great archaeological significance, and by a lifetime spent growing up in the post-industrial Midwest. The artwork I construct makes lyrical connections between the decay and renewal of our post-industrial rust-belt cities and the endeavors of the archaeologist to rediscover and preserve lost beauty and lost worlds. In the process, it often elevates that which we consider blight, discarded and undesirable to something of greater significance.
While paying homage to iconic historical imagery and the vernacular of museum displays, my art is also driven by a need to address modern-day social issues. Poverty, displacement, racial and gender inequality are some of the divisive forces that bely the elemental beauty of the ruinous urban landscape.”

Past Exhibits

Thomas W. Abbott
Reflections of Home

Opening Reception: FREE | November 11 |5:30-7:30pm

Artist Statement:

“The majority of the painting subjects in this show are inspired by things that I see around me every day.  I’m forever fascinated by the contrast of light and shadow and how it can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Other painting subjects stir an unexplained emotion within me that inspires my desire to capture it. It is with that spirit that I’m compelled to put brush to paper.”

October 07- November 06, 2016
Katherine Fries
Objects in Memory

Artist Statement:


“At the center of this body of work is the relationship between people and objects, where my role is that of storyteller and preservationist. These roles blend and diverge – offering a spectrum of interaction, narrative, and cataloging.

Since I was small, I have always been aware of my relationship with the objects that have surrounded me. I contemplated their meaning, stories, and origins. As a storyteller, I grasp at any known narrative of who, what, when, where, and how. As a preservationist, I long to know context, strive to understand relevance, and assert its prominence for posterity.

With that in mind, these works share carefully selected collections of objects, images, people, and events, reflective of narrative threads based on personal experience. The collections are an accumulation of memories in that they seem random, yet are intertwined, becoming clues of values, interests, relationships, and experiences.”

J.T. Thompson
Labyrinth of Illusion

Opening Reception: FREE | September 9 |5-7pm

Artist Statement:
“I am currently working in a style I call Geometric Surrealism. This style explores the use of multiple views of spaces and corridors, using varied light sources to create spatial depth in abstract compositions. My work is inspired by the tension between certain dualities: the conscious and subconscious, light and dark. As an abstract artist, I am philosophically interested in the subjectivity of the mind, and it’s capacity for skewing perspectives of external events or the physical world.”

Gregory Davis
“Impermanence of Knowledge”

Andrew McPherson
Planar Shift


Left Image: “Divesting Dandy” 48×50 inches, acrylic on sintra, 2012

Ju Yun
Visitors From the East

Artwork: “Hidden Beauty Secrets” Oil , 36″x 48″

“I was born and raised in South Korea before immigrating to the United States of America. I am constantly reminded of how it feels to be between two polarizing worlds. Transitioning between traditional Korean art and wholly contemporary subjects and methods embraced within that in-between space, I often find a sense of spirituality and a great source of creativity.”

Regional Student Art Exhibit
Fanning the Flame of Creativity

Jessica Summers
“I draw inspiration from actual spaces within my home, and often respond to them with small observational works focused on capturing specific moments of light and shadow.  While these direct pieces can exist on their own, they can also lead to more elaborate narrative works.   For these, I use drawing to stitch together photographs taken from multiple points of view to construct images that could have never been captured in a single glance.  By manipulating the conventions of perspective, I craft spaces that are believable yet subjective and thus produce a visceral experience for the viewer.” 


Jacinda Russell – Photographer & Brent Cole – Glass Artist
Treading Water

David Michael Slonim
Color Speaks

Abstract painting is music for your eyes. Just as instrumental music is an arrangement of tones for your ear, abstract painting is an arrangement of tones for your eye. There is no secret meaning, no hidden agenda. It’s simply meant to be enjoyed, like a fine meal or a piece of music. As the great painter Delacroix said, “The first virtue of a work of art is that it be a feast for the eyes.”