Exhibition: August 27- October 7th, 2019

Shirley Wenning is a self-taught artist and creator of many paintings in oil, acrylic paints, and inks.  Most recently she has enjoyed working with alcohol inks, creating abstracts of flowers and sea and landscapes.  She also creates necklace pendants from the bi-product of the acrylic pours and alcohol inks.  Her true passion is painting realistic and impressionistic seascapes, landscapes, lighthouses, and floral paintings.  She started painting many years ago after watching William Alexander and Bob Ross on TV. Then later was influenced by Thomas Kinkaid’s style of painting.  Shirley has her work in many states and has displayed her paintings in many businesses.  Her career was in Human Resources for over 26 years and now, since retired, she spends much more of her time painting, doing art shows/vendor and art competitions.