Through the Lens, Moore • Rogers • Trice

Artists: Tisha Trice, Don Rogers, Jenny Moore-Smith

11/4/18 – 12/14/18

An opening reception will be held on November 4th from 2:00-4:00 p.m.

Jenny Moore Smith has traveled the United States and Europe documenting her journeys through her camera lens. Her photography repartee includes both vivid color images and bold black and whites. She has exhibited pieces in private settings and public displays in the area and as far away as Washington and Colorado.


Don Rogers is a Hartford City native who has been creating photographs most of his life.  He was a student photographer for the Ball State Photographic Services during his schooling.  Don also spent many years as a contributor to the Hartford City News Times.  He then worked as a commercial photographer, studio photographer, and event photographer.  He has created hundreds of thousands of images using all kinds of media and equipment. Today, photography still is his passion.

Artist Statement:  Photography helps us capture the fleeting moments, people and places in our lives and enjoy them days, weeks, years, and generations later.

Tisha Trice is a local photographer and graphic designer.

Artist Statement: What an absolute pleasure to exhibit alongside Don Rogers and Jenny Moore Smith.  I am excited to be one of the three amazingly different views, “Through the Lens”.  I hope you enjoy the show.

Although I enjoy photographing everyday people and things, I also have felt the need over the years to shine a light on certain subjects through photographic storytelling. For this particular exhibition, I have chosen a few pieces to collaborate with my sister, Jennifer Roberts. The subject matter, domestic violence, isn’t a pretty one. In fact, it is terrifying for those in the midst of it and those of us whose loved ones are fighting, sometimes silently, to survive. It is my hope that those pieces make some people think and others realize they are not alone.

Thank you for supporting the arts.