Cheryl Hunt                                      Elizabeth Stafford                                             Cheryl Hunt                                                       Elizabeth Stafford


“Two Artists” will be on display from April 12 – May 20th at the Blackford County Arts Center.

Elizabeth Stafford

Elizabeth Stafford is a Hartford City based painter, originally from South Africa. She grew up in a very artistic family, always involved in art, dance and playing musical instruments. From an early age she demonstrated an innate artistic talent and continued to bring her creation passion to fruition. Her work has successfully been shown and sold at many regional art exhibits. In 2018 Liz received First Place at the Juried SummerFest Art Show.

As a self-taught artist, she is continuously experimenting with various media and different genres of painting. She draws inspiration from people as well as the body and soul of the human being, nature and life’s creations. Joy for her comes by sharing this passion with fellow artists and getting connected with other humans through art.

Cheryl Hunt

‘Any subject matter that incorporates the play of light, color and a focus on nature attracts my attention.’ Cheryl’s current style incorporates watercolor “pouring”. Pouring watercolor combined with traditional painting techniques creates wonderful luminosity in the paintings and magical surprises that you can’t get with any other medium.

Cheryl studied drawing, graphic design, and textile art at Western Michigan in Kalamazoo and Indiana University in Bloomington.
In the 1990’s, watercolor became her medium of choice when she took a watercolor class with Betty Boyle in Columbus, Indiana. Watercolors have always seemed magical and Betty and other artist/teachers have more recently demystified the process.
Watercolor painting is still magical and keeps Cheryl excited about the unpredictable outcomes of the process.